Robert Scott

Robert Scott

Sum Total A Bullet Point Bio

Trinidad Head, up the road. Mad River, one-mile South. Redwoods, everywhere.
Hundred-foot rooster tails off waves at Camel Rock, in view from our front porch.
Bonfires at Luffenholtz beach. The glint of a thousand smelt in a moonlit wave.
Dodging lightning bolts, storm sailing a 9-foot dinghy at Big Lagoon.

Blue-ribbon biscuits and devil’s food cake. County Fair fame, four summers running.
English equitation. Barrel racing. Trick riding. Beach trails. Flicka. Blackjack. Lady. Mosel.
One indelible chick-to-table (4H) story titled, “I’ll Never Forget the Night We Ate Judy.”
The clash of stale Folger’s and wild blackberries in a can wired to Grandpa’s belt.

Swiping Nehi off the truck at Norris Market on horseback with sister Patti Jeanne.
Defending my redwood tree fort against marauding cousins hurling green apple ammo.
Catapult combat with giant CAT scrapers dredging Grandpa Frank’s orchard for the 101.
Setting fire to the garage. Escaping punishment by running away from home, briefly.

Carnival poster contest winner, 8th grade. Prizes: Career omen. A whole cake.
Haight-Asbury, Golden Gate Park, weekends-on-end as Earth wobbled off its pedestal.
Summer staff artist at Dad’s TV station. Day 1 of my career as an anonymous public artist.
Borrowed a Bell & Howell 16mm windup to animate my first TV movie title.

Cast teacups, spaceships and a mechanical shark in the rebirth of MTV Networks’, VH1.
Leaned out of helicopters 500 feet over Hollywood for Arsenio Hall, TMZ and others.
Reimagined the brand identity design of Britain’s “Pop Idol” for an American audience.
Collaborated with creative people and companies to win 155 awards including 9 Emmys.

Mentors help us discover our dreams. To my mentors, especially my parents- thank you.

Robert Scott

Bob- Pragmatist. Exceedingly clever. Shy. Impatient. Local celebrity (The Uncle Bill Show). Mentor.
Jeanne- Artist. Eccentric. Goat cheese maker. Odd-recipe chef. Yurok linguistics contributor. Mentor.
Ahnee- Matriarch. Socialite. 71 escrows. Leg of lamb pro. Survived both of her children. Mentor.